Welcome to Kentucky. Home of the Red River Gorge or "The Red" as it’s affectionately called. Many people don't think to visit our state but did you know...we are the sport climbing mecca of the East?! People travel from all over the WORLD to rock climb here!!

Christian + Colbey started by saying their vows in a secluded cliff side spot within The Red. These two hiked back down in the dark (headlamps and all).

But who says it has to end there?!

The next morning, we headed back out to The Red for a morning climb. This bride switched out her dress...something more suitable for rock climbing in! Christian put on his favorite sweater and kept it simple.

...It is your day, you can do what you want!

After a full day of climbing, they ended the day with Miguel's Pizza and Country Boy beer... because, how could anyone visit the gorge without doing so?!

10/10 recommend eloping and making it a day (or two) of adventure!

© All photos are subject to copyright. Jenna Stevens Photography.

All photos are subject to copyright. Jenna Stevens Photography.

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