Dream with me...

I'm Jenna!

How has it already been 8 years?! Seems like just yesterday I was in high-school with my little point-and-shoot camera taking pictures during lunch hour. I would rush home to edit them on Picnik and upload them to Myspace. As soon as I graduated and saved up enough money... I took every penny in my savings account and bought my first DSLR.
...I've been hooked ever since! Now I am a full-time Kentucky Wedding and Worldwide Elopement Photographer!!

Some things I love: Yosemite, making pottery, chai tea lattes, mac n' cheese, traveling at least once a month, the moon, the stars, sunsets, sunrises, dogs (cats are OK... I'm just allergic!), sitting out on the back porch listening to the birds sing, bowling (even though I SUCK at it lol), rock climbing with my husband and friends, photographing your special moments and last but NOT least... my family!!


XOXO, Jenna




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Lead Associate


Lead Associate


Lead Associate


Lead Associate


Lead Associate


What is an Associate Photographer?

An Associate Photographer is another option you could choose for your wedding day! :) I have a team of Associate Photographers who are professionals themselves and are handpicked by me to photograph your day! The packages are great if you need other pricing options or if I am already booked for your special day. 

This isn't their first rodeo... They are professionals themselves and have all of the required professional gear.
All editing and communication is still done by me (Jenna)... essentially the only thing different is the person photographing your day.

Are the Associate's photos the same as yours?

No two artists are alike! :) The photos are still edited by me using my editing style; so the aesthetic and colors will be the same.... But when it comes down to the art... every artist tells a story from their own perspective. And that's the best part! <3 

Can I see sample albums from your Associate Photographers?

You sure can! I give you links to sample albums after inquiring. Please contact me using the contact form and my pricing guide will provide you with sample albums.

Associate Photographer FAQ's: